Well hello there friends!

Initially this was going to be a “welcome back” post but since I’ve never written a post on this page it’s just a welcome.
If you’re here you might know who I am already but if not, hi! I’m Laura and I’m a graphic designer, knitwear designer (you can find those here), mother and wife.

I got started my graphic design journey in 2012 when I started the Graphic Communications Program at SAIT. I already worked at a Print Shop so I just switched departments when I graduated. My primary experience is with Sign Shops but you don’t forget the basics.

Since having my daughter I’ve been focused on my knitwear designing because it’s easier to make something for myself and then release it to the world. As opposed to looking for clients and trying to make my design style seem more appealing than the next.

I do however LOVE vectorizing. You have a drawing you want to turn into a mural on your wall? I’m your person. Vectors are also key for logos, enamel pins, and anything you want die cut. But that’s another blog post that’s coming.

So follow this blog if you want tips and tricks on how to better your own design knowledge and how to better communicate with print shops!

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